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Metal Quickie Heavy Metal Loop
Whats This Knob Do Techno Song
Electro-Groove Techno Song
Heavy Hearted Classical Song
Classicle preview #2 Classical Song
Listening Classical Song
Classical #2 (incomplete) Classical Song
classical chunk Classical Loop
Its Metal-(and needs vocals) Heavy Metal Song
Ocarina of Time(part 1) Video Game Song
New Metal Project (preview) Heavy Metal Song
Myself Choke Heavy Metal Song
Xx(({{[[super-woody]]}}))xx Heavy Metal Song
Soothsayer (re-imagining) Classical Song
Presence (Preview) Classical Loop
Work in progress (no lyrics) General Rock Song
Rock it (instrumental) General Rock Song
Newsongpreview Blues Loop
breaking through the quiet Ambient Song
Cool riff idea(?) Heavy Metal Loop
calm weather Classic Rock Song
Slash battle [techno] Techno Song
Seasons in the Abyss Classical Loop
Ivory Storm Miscellaneous Song
tetetechno Techno Song
Beethoven's %th (Metalized) Heavy Metal Song
Learning comes (rock vers.) General Rock Song
learning comes too soon Trance Song
PAC(metal)MAN Heavy Metal Loop
Battle Victory Heavy Metal Song
........... Blues Song
BOOM BOOM STS!!! Techno Song
o(o_0)o Techno Song
pianos of mystery Miscellaneous Song
Up Step! General Rock Song
The Dark time Ambient Song
tell what u tink should b clld Heavy Metal Song

2006 Submissions

Ninja 1 Heavy Metal Song